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Water Cooled Screw Chillers

Operating Voltages | Technical Specifications | Design Specifications

Water Cooled Screw Chillers are manufactured with screw compressors high teputation from Bitzer (Germany) and Frascold (Italy). These chillers are fully based on microprocessor and are suitable for process cooling applications ranging from (+) 25 degree C to (-) 40 degree C.

Water Cooled Screw Chillers
Screw Chiller
These water cooled screw chillers are offered with upto two number screw compressors in one machine, over one skid, with separate refrigeration circuits.
These industrial screw chillers, trane screw chillers use CFC-Free Refrigerants like R-134A, R-404A and R-407C. The screw chillers are totally factory assembled and test run, fitted with highly efficient stainless steel water/glycol/fluid pumps and stainless steel expansion tanks, ready to run as soon as they land at the site. These Chillers are rated for an ambient temperature of upto (+) 55°C and cooling water temperature of upto (+) 37°C at the inlet of the condenser.

Operating Voltages

The various operating voltages of these screw chillers are :
a) 380 / 400 Volt AC / 50 HZ
b) 460 Volt AC / 50 HZ
c) 380 Volt AC / 60 HZ
d) 460 Volt AC / 60 HZ

Technical Specifications


Model *1

Capacity *2

Flow Rate *3

LxBxH in mm (appx.)

Kg (appx.)
1-SWR-210 60 600 - -
1-SWR-280 80 800 - -
1-SWR-385 110 1100 - -
1-SWR-475 135 1330 3655x605x2070 -
1-SWR-580 165 1650 - -
1-SWR-700 200 2000 - -
1-SWR-950 270 2700 4870x1000x2750 4000 Kg
1-SWR-1100 330 3300 - -
1-SWR-1400 400 4000 - -
Refrigerant - R-22  

Design Specifications

*1   The above models are standard. For customised requirements please contact us.
*2   At 5°C evaporating / 40°C condensing / 380/400 Volt AC / 50 HZ.
*3   At 5°C  t

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Water Cooled Screw Chillers Water Cooled Semi Hermetic Chillers Water Cooled Scroll Chillers